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Business Analysts and Project Managers work together to deliver strategic tasks as we continue to rapidly expand and evolve. Your future projects could encompass anything from improving business processes in Finance to introducing automation in our international Customer Service Centre. You’ll help to plan and project manage our new offices and data centres. Project management is challenging, varied and exciting, and will expose you to every area of the business.

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“We aren’t just small cogs in a very large wheel.”

Senior Business Analyst, HQUK

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My team consists of 20 people split between the UK and Netherlands predominantly. Working for a medium-sized company means we aren’t just small cogs in a very large wheel – we can enact change and get noticed. As it’s an international organisation we have the opportunity to travel which exposes us to different working practices and cultures.

I work on all types of projects, from small system changes lasting a few days to the launch and rollout of new products across all 13 European cities. These can last many months and we have to navigate all the complexities and challenges this brings.

We work predominantly in an agile environment where the turnaround of deliverables and
requirements is often fast-paced and sometimes complex. We deliver our work in sprints, and we’re often working on multiple projects simultaneously and have to stay abreast of them throughout the course of a working day.

We are not micromanaged. We are given autonomy and are expected to be responsible
enough to deliver while having the support of a large team and resources. Throw into the mix some of the inspiring, driven talent that works here, and you get a working environment that drives ones  passion to succeed.

Arafat is a Senior Business Analyst at HQUK.

Senior Business Analyst, HQUK

“It’s all about teamwork.”

Patrick K.
Team Leader, Data Analysts, HQNL

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As Team Leader, I need to make sure my team has all the assets to have a successful day. I
communicate with many people: Project Managers to track the status of the projects my team is working on, the Project Office Director to see if we have any new projects coming up and most
importantly, my team – about what they need and how I can support them.

Besides the managing part, I also have active roles within projects. It’s a great dual role for me, leading the team while getting my hands dirty as well. Our department works on improving processes, deploying new ideas and future-proofing the company. When completing projects we work with people from all departments and countries.

It’s all about teamwork, especially within projects. Whenever I need my Director’s time, I’m able to get it. And if I have a good idea and show the courage to step up, I’m allowed to work on it.

Work is not just about performing a task, we have the opportunity to bring the company forward. I enjoy working on process improvements and system implementations to set a standard way of working that helps us scale up.

Patrick is the Team Leader of the Data Analysts in the Project Office at HQNL. He started as a contractor in the Finance department, but was asked to join the project office after working on multiple projects with them.

Patrick K.
Team Leader, Data Analysts, HQNL

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