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A day in the life of an Interxion Data Centre Engineer


Our Customer Service Engineers are the hands and eyes of our customers, executing their requests and keeping them up to date with progress and any value-added services. You will need to be proactive, handling projects outside of customer requests. You will be responsible for the data centre rooms and equipment. and work closely with the Operations team and Service Planning Coordinator. Your tasks will include (de)installation, documentation, testing, repairs, physical onboarding, providing technical support to clients, migration activities and making suggestions for improving the quality and effectiveness of our customer service and data centres. In some of our organsiations with smaller teams you may find that the role is a combination role and incorporates those tasks of a Facility Engineer. 

Our Facility Engineers provide technical, installation and customer service support, and track and organise preventive maintenance and repairs according to our service level agreements (SLAs) to maximise client satisfaction. Coordinating between service provider and supplier, you will be a crucial part of the Service Operations team and work with the European Customer Service Centre (ECSC) in London. You will be responsible for day-to-day surveillance of building and equipment, adhering to health and safety regulations and optimising uptime. You will act as first line and second line support when it comes to responding to alarms by handling or escalating them according to guidelines. In some of our organsiations with smaller teams you may find that the role is a combination role and  incorporates those tasks of a Customer Service Engineer

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comp/skill 1

Technical Communication and Presentation

Ability to communicate with clarity and precision, presenting complex information in a concise format.

comp/skill 2

Troubleshooting and problem solving

Ability to resolve issues by diagnosing problems, determining possible resolutions and implementing effective solutions.

comp/skill 3

Quality control

Ability to conduct rigorous tests and inspections of products, services, solutions or processes to evaluate quality and performance.

comp/skill 4

Engineering & industry data

Demonstrates knowledge of Engineering through the design, assessment and operation of complex systems and can demonstrate hands-on knowledge of our industry.

“It’s a love and trust environment with a focus on good work-life balance.”

Wim U.
Service Operation Engineer, Denmark

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Moving to another country is always a challenge, not to mention finding a new job you like. It was such a relief and a blessing for my family that I had the opportunity to stay with the same company and work in the same field.

My Danish colleagues are very friendly and helpful in guiding new people in their roles. It’s a great team of people that are willing to go the extra mile for each other and the company. I very quickly got the feeling that I was part of something big.

It’s a love and trust environment with a focus on good work-life balance. It’s a workplace but it feels comfortable and homely. We have a great open office space, two kitchen areas where we can have a nice break and plenty of meeting rooms for everybody’s needs.

Everyone eats at the same time in the same place, and we have a connection I’ve never experienced in my professional life before. We have the best food ever delivered to the office every day. I have never eaten so much vegetables as I have in the last year. The massage room is available every Friday, and at 3pm we are invited to have a drink together before the weekend begins.

Wim started as a Facility Manager in Belgium, and now works as a Service Operation Engineer in Denmark.

Wim U.
Service Operation Engineer, Denmark

“Senior managers have always showed their appreciation for our hard work.”

Ashley de V.
Data Centre Technician

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One of the first things I noticed when I started here was how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Senior managers have always showed their appreciation for our hard work, which makes me want to put that extra effort into everything I do.

The office space is great for the size of our team, with a big kitchen area which is great for getting together with everyone for lunch or fika, as you do in Sweden. The best facilities we have in the building are the gym, sauna and swimming pool, which I take advantage of in my free time.

Being part of the 24/7 Customer Support team, we have a few shared workspace areas and hot desks which we use when we move from one side of the building to the other when responding to jobs, which helps a lot. 

It is very social and collaborative. Every Friday everyone sits down for breakfast together and has a catch up, which is a nice way to get to know everyone.

Ashley is a Data Centre Technician and part of the 24/7 Customer Support team. He worked in the UK before transferring to Sweden.

Ashley de V.
Data Centre Technician

“What do I like most about my job? The high degree of personal responsibility and the freedom I have.”

Umair M
Facility Engineer and Team Leader, Germany

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I am one of three team leaders in my facility department in Frankfurt and have been part of Interxion for almost two years. I started as a facility engineer and, within only a short time, I was promoted to team leader for the campus in Frankfurt’s Weismüllerstraße.

What I appreciate most here is the high level of personal responsibility and the freedom I have in my job. This allows us to be quite flexible in our activities. Working in our data centers constantly presents us with new challenges, which we can master thanks to our ongoing training. The management is available and responsive, always ready to listen, especially when we need support in decision-making in a critical situation.

The combination of a perfect team and a perfect working environment gives me the motivation to make Interxion even better every day. Thanks to flexible working hours, our employees come to work in a relaxed manner. The office culture is very team-oriented, and we treat each other less like colleagues and more like friends. At the beginning of the year, we get together for a kick-off meeting where we get to know the other departments and our colleagues, take part in workshops together and compete as a team in the annual company run. And: many of us have also become friends.

Umair is a Facility Engineer and Team Leader at Interxion Germany 

Umair M
Facility Engineer and Team Leader, Germany

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